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Get Unlimited Entry until and including 25th February 2018 when buying a SUMMER FUN PASS.

Grab a SUMMER FUN PASS and get Unlimited Entry until and including 25th February 2018 to NSW's favourite water theme park Jamberoo Action Park... where you control the action!

The park is opened EVERY DAY in January until and including the 31st from 10am – 5pm.

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A SUMMER FUN PASS Holder gets:

UNLIMITED ENTRY until and including 25th February 2018.

FREE Car Parking

Own Food & Drink allowed

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Important Notes

  • - SUMMER FUN PASS is valid for use from 26th December 2017 up to and including Sunday 25th February 2018.
  • - You can only purchase a maximum of ten (10) SUMMER FUN PASS tickets online in one (1) transaction.
  • - When your purchase is successful you will receive two (2) emails at the address supplied. The first is your PayPal Receipt and the second contains your actual SUMMER FUN PASS Temporary Tickets.
  • - SUMMER FUN PASS/S age limited from 4+ years old.
  • - A SUMMER FUN PASS 17/18 holder must be 14 years and older to enter the Park if unaccompanied by an Adult (16 years and older). Therefore if you hold a valid SUMMER FUN PASS 17/18 and are aged between 4 years and 14 years you must be accompanied by an Adult (16 years and older) who shall be solely responsible for your care and conduct whilst visiting Jamberoo Action Park.